Agia Roumeli

Agia Roumeli (or Aghia Roumeli) is a small and quiet seaside village located in Sfakia regional unit, on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, Crete.

Part isolated and not easily accessible, on the north is surrounded by the White Mountains and the Samaria Gorge, and on the south extends the Libyan Sea.

Road network does not exist in Aghia Roumeli. The village is only accessible by ferry from the neighboring coastal areas.

Nevertheless, thousands of visitors pass by Aghia Roumeli each year.

"In the shadow of Samaria Gorge"

Undoubtedly, this small village has become known to too many people because it is located in the exit of the enormously popular, beautiful and imposing Samaria Gorge.

During the period that Samaria's gorge is open, from early May to mid October, walkers who crossing it, finally reach the south shore, seeing it like an oasis for a dip in the crystal clear waters of the sea, for cold drinks, ice cream and launch at the taverns of the village. 

...Until they catch the ANENDYK ferry to Loutro and Chora Sfakion, to the east, or to Sougia and Paleochora, to the west. 

Then, the village regains their normal and familiar rhythms, the absolute stillness, tranquility and serenity of the environment. 

The E4 Path Passes by Agia Roumeli

If you love hiking in nature, do not hurry to leave after having cross the gorge of Samaria. Spend a night at the village and continue your hike next day.

The European E4 trail passes by, so if you look for more options for hiking, you have the chance to walk towards east to reach Loutro and then to continue from Loutro to Chora Sfakion

Avoid the western part of the E4 towards Sougia. It is 20 kilometers long and is dangerous in some places.

Explore the surrounding area

If you choose to stay here (click here to see what to expect) after crossing the gorge of Samaria, or if you come here by ferry, you will have the time to explore the surrounding area.

Your choices...

  • Remnants of ancient city of Tarra

Following the path that leads to the gorge of Samaria and shortly after the village, on your left you will see a tiny stone chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is built inside the walls of an early Christian Basilica, which was built at the same spot where stood the temple of Apollo Tarraiou of ancient Tarra, which was built up on the hill. See what else was found in the site of the ancient Tarra

  • Two forts above the village   1  ,   2  

There are two ruined Turkish forts on the slope of the hill above the village.
The view from up there is amazing. The trail begins next to the tiny chapel of the Virgin Mary , mentioned above. 

  • The Lazy Way to Samaria Gorge 

Walk the opposite direction through the Samaria Gorge, known as "The Lazy Way to Samaria Gorge" or "The Easy Way to Samaria Gorge".

See the old abandoned village of Agia Roumeli and then reach out to the renowned "Gates" (3.5km), so named the narrowest point of the gorge. That's the place where gorge's vertical walls close each other to 3.5 meters. 

This site is considered one of the most impressive sights in the gorge and therefore, one of the most photographed. 

  • The Chapel of St. Paul 

The Chapel of St. Paul is located on the beach east of the village, which got its name from the chapel.

Aghia Roumeli in a Video

In the video below, view footage of Agia Roumeli and admire the pristine beauty of its nature.

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