Agii Apostoli
An Area to Stay near Chania, Crete 

Agii Apostoli is a seaside resort located immediately to the west of the city of Chania and before the area of Kato Galatas (Kalamaki).

If you hear the names Makrys Toihos or Kato Daratso, be aware that actually refer to the same area, which is also can be written as Agioi Apostoloi or Aghii Apostoli, a name derived from the chapel which is dedicated to the Holy Apostles.

Whatever you write it, this is an area of unique natural beauty. A love at first sight area.

Three peninsulas create four coves with sandy beaches and shallow waters.

Glaros beach   1   is the westernmost beach of all. Then, the two smaller beaches of the Agii Apostoli   2  ,   3   are in the middle, and the easternmost beach overlooking the city of Chania, is the Golden Beach   4  

View some photos of the four beaches, starting at the Glaros beach and ending at the Golden Beach. 

The area of Aghii Apostoli is quite green. There are parks with groves of pines and eucalyptus trees that cast their shadow even over the sand. Plenty promenade space for sport and recreation, the place has to offer. 

The residents of the city of Chania love the place and protect it as their pupil. Do the same!

Reasons to Stay in Agii Apostoli
During your Holidays

  • Beaches 

The four beaches of Agioi Apostoloi, are looking in different directions. So, you will have the option to choose a beach as you want it, even in the windy days. If there is waving on one beach, it is likely that a nearby beach will be calm.

The maximum distance from the westernmost Glaros beach to the easternmost Golden beach is 1km, a distance that can be covered on foot.

Whatever you choose, be aware that all four are shallow, ideal for kids.

  • Between the city of Chania and its main resort

This resort is located between the two more cosmopolitan places in the prefecture of Chania, the old town of Chania and its nearest resort of Platanias, Agia Marina, Stalos, where the nightlife goes on and on until the late hours. 

Therefore, very soon you will be in Chania old town and enjoy your ride in the old Venetian harbor, and very shortly you will return from your night out. 

  • If you intend to move by bus or taxi

The location is ideal if you plan to move by the city bus to Chania, and or to the resort of Platanias.

The bus from Chania to Kato Stalos, Agia Marina, Platanias and vice versa, passes by the area.

Furthermore, if you need to move by taxi, it won't cost you dearly, because the area is located just 3.5km from the centre of the city of Chania and 7km from Platanias resort.

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