Agios Pavlos Beach

Agios Pavlos bach is located approximately 4km east of Agia Roumeli and took its name from the stone chapel of Agios Pavlos.

The cruciform domed chapel was built on the 11th century by the Saint John the Hermit (The Foreigner), to commemorate the passage of the Apostle Paul from Crete. 

View some photos of the beach and the chapel of Agios Pavlos.

You will pass by the Agios Pavlos beach, if you walk the E4 path connecting Agia Roumeli with Loutro, or vice versa.

As well as if you walk the path that connects the mountainous village of Agios Ioannis Sfakion with Agia Roumeli. 


If you're coming to Agia Roumeli on foot, be aware that there is a tavern on the beach, very close to Agios Pavlos Chapel, in case you want to quench here. 

View video footage of the beach.

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