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Almyrida (also written as Almirida or Almerida) is a seaside resort located 22 km east from the city of Chania, Crete.

It's a beautiful place and relatively near the city of Chania, a combination that makes Almirida an ideal destination either for a day trip from Chania, either for long summer vacation.

So if you are looking for a beautiful and peaceful resort, not so far from Chania, clean sea, waterfront tavernas and accommodation overlooking the sea, then you have reasons to choose Almyrida for your summer holidays. 

Landscape in Almyrida

The lush hills of Apokoronas region, meet the blue color of the sea on the beach of Almirida.

The lovely sandy beach with the trees along it, and the picturesque small harbour with the fishing boats and the other marine vessels, compose the landscape.

Opposite the beach is the Karga islet and beyond, looking towards the north, can be seen the coasts and the hills of Akrotiri peninsula, and to the south, stands the bulk of the mountains of western Crete, the White Mountains.

The beauty of the landscape is a main reason that Almerida turned from a small fishing village it once was, into what it is today.

...A resort that is touristically being developed and constantly expanding with hotels and cottages (with owners from different countries) on the surrounding hills from where the view is magnificent.

Almyrida Beaches

In the picturesque bay of Almirida, you will find two beaches.

The first beach with sand and pebbles, is located at the west side to the bay and reaches the small peninsula to its east side. 

The second is the long beach beginning from the eastern side of the small peninsula, interrupted by the buildings that are literally on the waves, and then extends along the east until the artificial harbor. 

Holidays in Almirida

Almirida is ideal for a relaxing holiday by the sea, thus it is preferred more by families.

Enjoy the sun and the sea

Chances are that on the beach of Almerida, you will spend the most hours during the day of your holidays. So, enjoy the sun and the sea. Sunbathing, swimming and water sports, are options offered in the beach. 

The sea in Almyrida is shallow and this makes it ideal for small children, except of course the windy days.

Well, on these days, you will find waveless spots on the ends of the long beach. However, if you get some windy days, it is very good opportunity for surfing.

In the middle of the beach, there is a water sports center, where, except surfboards, you can hire pedals or canoe kayaks or whatever you like, and do your walks in the bay of Almirida and up to the opposite Karga islet.

Finally, if you want to try Scuba Diving, in Almerida, there is a diving school called Omega Divers.

Restaurants, cafe-bars and other shops 

Almirida's esplanade is the beating heart of the resort during the day and evening hours. That's the place where you'll stroll and find taverns, cafes as well as several other shops


Nightlife in Almyrida is limited in tavernas or in cafes that serve drinks as well, and also there are a couple of bars serving the youth.

Don't expect though, that here you will find lively entertainment as is usual in Chania or the large resort of Platanias and Agia Marina


If you want to get away some time from the beautiful Almirida, rent a car and explore the region of Apokoronas with its picturesque traditional villages, or the surrounding area of the prefecture of Chania.

In the afternoon, return to Almirida and after you get some rest, go out for a stroll, or if you still want to escape from Almerida during the evening, go to the old town of Chania for your night out.

Well, something like that you will likely spend your holidays in Almyrida.

Accommodation in Almirida

In Almirida, you will find accommodation of all kinds, in front of the sea or farther, with panoramic views over the bay of Almerida and Souda bay. 

Choose among beachfront hotels, apartments or smaller Studios, cheaper rooms for rent, and luxurious villas.

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