Chania, Crete

Apokoronas is a region which extends to the northeastern part of the prefecture of Chania, by the foothills of the White Mountains to the north coast of Crete.

It is characterized by the green hills and the fertile tracts of land, due to the abundance of water coming from the mountains, creating the only natural lake of Crete, as well as rivers which run through the region, before finding their way out to the sea.

If you are on holidays in Chania or in another nearby area, explore the Apokoronas region and discover its beauties. Visit its seaside resorts, as well as the picturesque traditional villages and settlements. 

Below you will see some of the places and sights worth visiting.

The three Beach Resorts of Apokoronas 

Armeni village  4   

  • Armeni village is an ideal place for launch or coffee under the shade of high plane trees and by the waters that gush from the springs of the village and create Xydas river stream that flows to the beach of Kalives. 

Stilos village  5 

  • In Stilos there are also taverns by the village springs, of which the waters form the river of Kiliaris that flows to the beach of Kyani Akti. 
  • In the north exit of Stilos, just opposite the water bottling plant, you can find the old two-aisled church dedicated to St. John the Theologian and to St. Nicholas, dating from the 13th century AD to the 15th century AD, with frescoes of this period. 
  • In the yard of the church is placed a piece of limestone on which there is a prehistoric fossil skeleton that is believed to be a fossilized sea Siren
  • A little further, north of Stilos and between the citrus orchards, lies another old church. The impressive church of the Virgin Mary the Serviotissa, dating to the 12th century AD. 
  • For nature lovers, this area is lovely for a nature walk along the Kiliaris river. If you try it, you'll also see a watermill built on the river, which is dated to the years of the Venetian rule in Crete. 
  • In the same area, the site of "Platanakia" where is located the chapel of St. John... Just beautiful! 

Archaeologists believe that this is the location of the city of Aptera of the Minoan times.

View all the sites mentioned above, plotted on the map of the area of Stilos village.

Kokkino Chorio  6 

  • Just outside the village towards south, you can visit a glassblowing factory that recycles the glass and turns it into piece of art. 

View the sites plotted on the map of the area of Kokkino Chorio. 

Gavalochori village  7 

  • In Gavalochori's square, it is worth visiting the women's cooperative where you will see lace created using an old hand-knitting art known as "Kopaneli" which is dating back to the Byzantine times.
  • Furthermore, the historical Folklore Museum of Gavalochori housed in a building of local traditional architecture, is just a few minutes walk away from the square. 
  • Finally, 1 km south of the village is located a park where there are scattered 24 arched stone-built wells.

Ombrosgialos  8 

  • Ombrosgialos is the naming of a seaside place located on the eastern coast of Cape Drapano. If you like what you see, visit Ombrosgialos for swimming in its crystal-clear waters, and then sit for lunch by the sea. 

Vamos village  9 

  • Vamos village is another traditional village of Apokoronas region. Many of is houses have been refubrished retaining their main folk and neoclassical architecture elements. More about Vamos village.
  • Less than 3 km south of Vamos, at the location of Karidi which was feud and residence of the Venetian ruler of the region, is located the only Monastery of Apokoronas region.

The Karidi Monastery, as briefly referred the monastery of St. George of Karidi, is a complex of traditional architecture that it was restored and it has been in use since 1996. 

The large mill with its impressive 12 arches that supported the roof, is showing the vast olive oil production of the monastery during the Ottoman Turkish rule in Crete.

Vrisses village 10 

  • In the village of Vrisses you'll find another oasis with trees and running water. The whole place is full of cafes and taverns. 

Lake Kournas  11 

  • Kournas lake which is the only natural lake in Crete, is also located in Apokoronas region, just a few kilometers south of Georgioupolis beach resort, and is one of the major sights of Crete showing the natural beauty of the island. More about Kournas lake.

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