Aradena Sfakion
Chania, Crete 

Aradena is located 3 km west of the village of Anopolis in Sfakia region, Crete, and to get here you will need to follow the road that continues west from the square of Anopolis.

In the past, the road was ending to the east side of Aradena Gorge, and if someone was to come to Aradena, which is located to the west-side of the gorge, had to descent the path that leads to the bottom of the gorge and then to climb to the opposite side. (Descent the same path to enter the gorge if you intend to cross it.)

Since the mid 80s, a metal bridge that connects the two sides of the Aradena gorge allows access to the abandoned village by car.

The village abandoned around 1950 when a bloody vendetta between two families, was followed a fight for a bell of a goat. 

If you are coming here, pass the bridge, park and proceed on foot to the abandoned village of Aradena, where there are still preserved some example elements of the Cretan architecture. 

Furthermore, in Aradaina is preserved the Byzantine Church of Archangel Michael dated to the 14th century. 

If you'll come on a weekend, during the summer months of June, July and August, you will have the chance to see people trying Bungee Jumping, from over the bridge located at 138 meters height and fall into the impressive gap of the Aradena gorge.

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› Aradena