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Have you returned from holidays to Chania or another place in Crete, Greece?
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What was the purpose for visiting Crete?

Was that a holiday trip or it was a business trip?

How was your trip? Was it a charter flight or a scheduled one?

What would you recommend to others who are about to come to Crete from the same country or the same airport that you traveled from?

How many days did you stay in Crete?

Where did you stay?

In which prefecture, region, city, village, area?

Just a standard room? Do you know a great cheap hotel?


Hotel room or luxury hotel suite?


Share Your Luxury experience in Crete!

What was the rate per night? Would you recommend it to others?

What you really liked and what you didn't?

Which other places did you visit?

Which are the top beaches?

Where did you ate? What did you order? Which restaurant was an unforgetable experience?

Have you captured magical moments of your vacation? Share Your photos.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Platanias, Chania)

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