Gerani -
Pirgos Psilonerou - Maleme

The area consisted by Gerani - Pirgos Psilonerou - Maleme, is located 13 km west from the city of Chania, and extends 5 km west of the resort of Platanias on the way to Kolymbari.

This is a beach resort that is gradually being developed. Along this area, several hotels have been built, among them, some large and luxurious resorts.

The facilities in these hotels such as pools, restaurants, bars and playgrounds for kids, are able to keep you at the hotel throughout the day.

As a consequence, outside the hotels, on the beach road, the main road and the other perpendicular streets, there are only a few restaurants, a few cafes and supermarkets. Do not expect to find anything more than that, at least not yet.

Maybe in the future, the esplanade of Maleme obtains a more cosmopolitan atmosphere that it is today, but still, the whole area remains a quiet resort.

However, whatever you are going to need, will find it to the adjacent resort of Platanias, which is the main resort in the prefecture of Chania and the western Crete, as well as to the city of Chania.

Therefore, think about Gerani, Pirgos Psilonerou and Maleme, as a place to stay during your holidays. If you are looking for quietness and relaxation, you'll find it here. Go to the beach to swim and sunbathe, or relax by the pool and start a new novel.

In the afternoon, the beach road of Maleme, which is approximately 2 km up to Pirgos Psilonerou, is the ideal place to walk by the sea or to ride a bike.

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When you feel you want something more than this, when you want to find yourself in a crowdy place, seeking more activities on the beach during the day, as well as nightlife, the resort of Platanias and the old town of Chania are just a few kilometers away.

Transportation, Tours & Attractions

If you are considering moving to and from Chania by bus, the buses pass by the old national road that connects Chania with Kissamos.

On the other hand, if you are considering hiring a car, is your best choice because you will be able to do excursions and see the sites in the prefecture of Chania.

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If this is your case, start from the nearest attractions that are both in the same direction. Visit ...

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