Gialiskari Beach

The easternmost beach in Gialiskari is the latest beach, accessible by the dirt road, along the shoreline east of Paleochora.

This beach has coarse sand and fine pebbles, and at the western end of the beach, there is a canteen with tables and chairs under the shade of trees.

View photos and video footage of the easternmost beach in Gialiskari.

The following video starts on Anidri beaches, which are the two west beaches in Gialiskari, and then shows the easternmost beach.

Keep in mind that the eastern part of the beach is preferred by nudists.

If you intend to do nudity, do not be surprised if you happen to see walkers appearing from the eastern end of the beach.

The beach lies within the part of the E4 hiking trail connecting Paleochora with Sougia, so, those hiking from Sougia inbound to Paleochora, will pass by the beach of Gialiskari.


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