Ilingas Beach

Ilingas beach is located at the exit of the Gorge of Ilingas, about 2 km west of Chora Sfakion.

Ilingas beach is the only beach of this area, which is accessible by car, and you can come here driving the road connecting Chora Sfakion with the village of Anopolis.

The crystal clear turquoise waters, the deep sea, the fine and coarse pebbles and the caves of the rocky coast, are those which characterize the Ilingas beach.

Water, coffee, refreshments and food you will find in the tavern of the hotel located a few meters behind the beach.

View photos of the beach of Ilingas.

View video footage of the beach as well as of the hotel located a few steps from the beach.

› Ilingas Beach

› Ilingas Beach