Kissamos, Crete

Kissamos (or Kisamos) is a town located in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Chania, between the two large peninsulas of the western Crete, and is 37 km from the city of Chania.

In Crete, Kisamos is also called as Kasteli, a name derived from the period of the Venetian rule, because of the fortress built here by the Venetians (in Greek Kasteli means Castle-Fortress).

So, if you hear the name Kasteli or Kasteli Kissamou, both refer to the town of Kisamos which is the seat of the municipality of Kisamos, extending to the west and southwest, up to the southwestern corner of the island.

The Town of Kissamos (Kasteli)

The town of Kisamos, as the seat of the municipality of Kisamos, has everything you are going to need regarding your holidays, including several restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and hotels. However, do not expect to find what you will find in the city of Chania.

In the evening, when people empty the beaches, the busiest place in Kissamos is the promenade, filled with taverns, cafes and bars. So, start your ride from here.

From the promenade, continue your stroll on Tombazi street, where you'll see ruins of the Venetian fortress walls    1  .

This road will lead you to Tzanakaki square where stands the building of the old Venetian-Turkish Government House   2  , which today houses the Archaeological Museum of Kisamos, where exposed excavation findings of the region of Kisamos as well as of the ancient city of Kisamos, which was built on the site of today's town. 

Just a few meters away of the Archaeological Museum, lies the Skalidi street   3   that gathers many shops of all kinds, but it's not the only place for shopping. Many shops and stores are on the main street of Kisamos   4  , which is a continuation of the national road coming from Chania and runs the town from east to west. 

Beaches in Kisamos 

Beaches West of Kissamos

Main beach of Kissamos is the lovely beach of Mavros Molos   1  , located to the western side of the town. This is the place where you'll find most of the towns' beach-front hotels.

Apart from this beach, to the west of Kisamos, and at a distance of 4,5 km, up to where it starts the peninsula of Gramvousa, there are a few secluded coves and beaches. Ntamialis, Pachia Ammos and Viglia   2  ,   3  ,   4   are just to mention a few. You will find them after passing the charming little fishing harbor of Kissamos   5   where there are a couple of fish taverns, in case you'd like to have a lunch or dinner there. 

Beaches East of Kissamos

Regarding the beach on the other side of town, the long beach stretches for over 6 km, up to the peninsula of Rodopos. If you hear names such as Telonio, Livadia, Korfalonas, Drapanias, Nopigia, Choni, Ravdoucha, these names identify places on the beach which is sandy or with pebbles in places. 

An Advantage by Staying in Kisamos! 

Kisamos is the nearest town to the three of the best beaches on the island of Crete. These are...

Of course, you can visit these beaches wherever you choose to stay in Chania.

However, by choosing to stay in Kissamos, you will have the chance to spend more than one day of your holiday's time, on these beaches.

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