Samaria Gorge
"The Lazy Way"

If you find yourself on the region of Sfakia, or on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, don't miss the chance to get the ferry to Agia Roumeli and from there to walk the opposite direction within the Samaria gorge, up to the famous Gates   1  , which is the narrowest point in the gorge. This is known as the Lazy way to Samaria gorge or the easy way to Samaria gorge.

It is a perfect alternative for anyone who makes his vacation on the south coast of Chania and is unable to cross the Samaria Gorge, 16 km in length, starting from Xyloskalo at Omalos plateau.

Take a look to the ferry schedules and timetables, to and from Agia Roumeli, in case you intend to walk the Lazy way to Samaria Gorge.

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