Chania, Crete 

Loutro is a small picturesque seaside resort village located on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, in the region of Sfakia, Crete.

It is not a real village with permanent residents. It's a resort that operates mainly in the summer season and maybe on weekends or on holidays throughout the year.

Here there are no roads or car traffic, and apart from the ferry that comes and leaves, you will see small boats used either for pleasure or transportation, because the village is only accessible by sea (or walking).

Holidays in Loutro

Expect to find only the most necessary for your holidays. There are several restaurants, a couple of cafes that turn into bars at night, mini markets, as well as several small hotels painted in the colors of white and blue, all with sea views. 

Reasons to Spend Your Holidays Here

  • Are you seeking the absolute peace and tranquility in a beautiful place?
  • Do you like the place and want to relax at the beach under the hot sun of southern Crete, or on the terrace of a hotel overlooking the sea? 
  • Are you open to meet new people? The place is very small, and you may be given the opportunity to make new friends, as you enjoy the evening at the hotel bar. 
  • Doesn't bother you the fact that the village is not accessible by road?
  • Do you want to hike on beautiful trails? 

Options for Hiking

Hiking is one of the reasons many people choose to stay here. Take a look to the options that you have.

You'll notice that all the trail routes pass by the sea, so you will have the chance to combine your hikes with a dip in the crystal-clear water of the Libyan sea.

Nearby Beaches

In this sheltered bay, there are two beaches. The central beach in the middle of the bay, and there is another one at the east end.

However, you have the chance to go to the nearby beaches.

There is a daily boat that goes to the most popular beaches of the area, the Sweetwater beach in the east and the beach of Marmara to the west. Moreover, you have the option to arrange your personal transfer to any other nearby beach.

Beaches to the West

Beaches to the East

Alternatively, you can go to the nearby beaches by Canoe Kayak.

How to Get to Loutro

You can come here by the ferries of ANENDYK from the nearby coastal areas, Chora Sfakion or Agia Roumeli.

Arriving to Loutro by ferry
Loutro Crete

If you are coming from Chania, the shortest route is to go to Chora Sfakion and then to catch the ferry.

You are also able to reach the village from Paleochora and Sougia.

Finally, if you plan to cross the gorge of Samaria, you will end up in Agia Roumeli and from there you will take the ferry to Loutro.

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