The German War Cemetery
of Maleme

The German war cemetery in Maleme is one of the most important monuments of the World War II in Crete.

Historically, Maleme was the first place on the island of Crete that experienced the fury of the conqueror in the second world war, because of the existence of its airport.

The airport was the most strategic target of the conquerors, which had to be occupied in order to land their forces on the island.

However, firstly, they had to neutralize the air defense that protected the airport from the hill 107 which is located a little further south.

The result of that battle on 20st and 21st May of 1941, is known, and went down in history as the "Battle of Crete."

Today, in an excellent location among the olive trees of a hillside overlooking the bay of Chania and the peninsula of Rodopos...

maleme german cemetary wwii cemetary in maleme, chania, crete located the German cemetery of Maleme, where are rested 4,465 German soldiers, who killed on the battlefield.

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