The Old Medieval Village
of Kalives

Before the village of Kalives expands towards the east and on the surrounding hills, there was the original settlement located at the west entrance of the village. 

Stroll in the alleys of the medieval part of Kalives, and around the tiled housed that still preserve the memories of the traditional village.

The old houses, some renovated by their owners and others that have been left to their fate, are built very close to each other creating the characteristic alleys that protect the village from the winds.

Wander in the alleys of the old village. One of these paths will lead you to the two-aisled church dedicated to Panagia Myrtidiotissa dating to the period of the Venetian rule in Crete.

The arched fountain that you will see in the precincts of the church, is preserved since the period of the Ottoman rule.

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