Chania, Crete 

Paleochora (or Palaiochora, Paleohora) is the westernmost seaside resort on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania, Crete.

It lies 70 km from the city of Chania, and it will take you about one and a half hour, to get here.

Paleohora stands out on the south coast of western Crete. Not because it is built on a peninsula that extends into the Libyan Sea, but because it is the most complete resort on the south coast of the prefecture of Chania.

Thinking of Spending Your Holidays on the South Coast? Paleochora has it all! 

Compared to the other resorts on the south coast (Chora Sfakion, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia), which are places where you can relax and come close to nature, Palaiochora is also offered for this, but it also gives you a more cosmopolitan feeling.

  • Furthermore, there are several taverns and restaurants along the promenade or elsewhere, for lunch or dinner, as well as several bars, in case you are concerned about nightlife in Paleochora.

Well, Paleochora gathers many of those who want to spend their holidays in the southern part of the prefecture of Chania.

The number of visitors added to approximately 2500 residents, is what makes Paleohora to have a nice atmosphere, mostly during the high tourist season and especially in the evening, when people empty the beaches and make their night out.

Beaches in Paleohora

The many different beaches of Paleochora are another reason why it stands out on the south coast of Chania prefecture.

In Palaiochora, there is a beach on either side of the peninsula, the sandy beach of Pachia Ammos to the west, and the pebble beach of Chalikia to the east.

Apart from these two beaches, in the surrounding area you will find many other and different beaches, long or small coves, with sand or pebbles, organized or not.

All beaches around Paleochora are easily accessible by a continuous coastal road. In the west, the road leads to the beach of Krios and in the east, the road becomes a dirt road and leads to the beautiful beaches in Gialiskari.

Take a look of the beaches around Palaiohora. View photos and video footage.

West of Paleohora

East of Palaiochora

Boat Excursions

Although you will be satisfied by the beaches of Palaiochora, there is another beach in the southwest corner of Crete, that should not be missed of your attention, and that's Elafonisi beach.

You can reach Elafonissi by car, however, don't attempt it because it's a long distance while the switchback road crosses the mountainous region, as well as because Elafonissi is easily accessible by the sea.

In Paleohora, there is a boat that makes round trips to Elafonissi.


If you love hiking, you have the option to walk on the European trail E4, whether westward from Paleohora to Elafonisi, either eastwards from Palaiohora to Sougia.

Furthermore, do not miss the chance to cross the Samaria Gorge. From Paleohora, take the early-morning bus to Omalos, (entry to the Samaria gorge). After crossing the gorge you will end up in Agia Roumeli, where you will take the ferry back to Paleochora.

Explore the South Coast of Chania Prefecture

While in Paleohora, you have the option to explore the south coast of Chania prefecture.

Usually, there is a morning ferry that leaves from Paleochora to Sougia, to Agia Roumeli, and from there you can even reach Loutro and or Chora Sfakion.

See the ferry schedules and timetables in order to plan your trip accordingly.

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