Platanias - Agia Marina - Stalos  
The Large Resort in Chania, Crete

Platanias, Agia Marina, Stalos...

This is the large resort within the prefecture of Chania and the western Crete, as well the most secular area of Chania. It is located about 10 minutes drive west of the city of Chania.

Most of the hotels in the prefecture of Chania are found here and therefore, this is the place where staying in most of the tourists visiting Chania.

However, what especially characterizes this resort, is the frantic fun taking place throughout the day and night, in the beach bars & nightclubs of the area, and so it gathers the youth who live in Chania as well as the youth visiting Chania for summer vacation.

Three Settlements - One Large Resort

As you come from the city of Chania, following the coastal road, and after passing by the areas of Agii Apostoli and Kalamaki (Kato Galatas), you will enter the large resort consisted by the three seaside settlements, which you will meet with the following sequence, Stalos (Kato Stalos), Agia Marina, Platanias.

These three settlements are right next to each other, and you can't distinguish the limits of each, creating the image of a single tourist area stretching in about 6 km length.

Across the coast, from Kato Stalos to Agia Marina to Platanias, there are hotels, beach bars, taverns and restaurants as well as other shops, either on the beach road, either the surrounding street. 

More Specifically
What You will Find in this Area

Take a closer look of what you will find in the area. There are...

  • Accommodations of all categories, from large and luxurious hotels to cheaper rooms, in front of the beach or farther from it.
  • All-day beach bars & pool-bars, which are full of people when they organize various events, or quieter the other days. 
  • Other quieter cafes with tables under the shade of trees, playgrounds for kids, and of course lounge chairs on the beach. 
  • Taverns with traditional delicacies and restaurants with international cuisine, in front of the sea, the surrounding streets, or up in the hills offering beautiful panoramic views across the region. 
  • Large summer-style nightclubs situated mostly in Agia Marina, as well as several other bars located on the streets around the square of Platanias.

Kato Stalos, Agia Marina, Platanias
The Beach

The beach is the beating heart of the resort during the day, and there are several crowded spots with intense activity.

Beach Bars & Night Clubs

Most beach bars that gather most of the people, are in an exotic location with palm trees in Agia Marina. However, there is also another spot in Platanias. 

Neromylos Beach Bar in Platanias, Crete

A few popular haunts of youth are in the following beach bars, where the day starts relaxing on the beach, having cold coffees, light meals, refreshing drinks, and as the time passes... The music strengthens. Beers, shots and other alcoholic drinks pass by.

In some of the beach bars, the fun continues until the late afternoon, especially when having a party, but there are also other nightclubs opening the evening, and the fun stays alive until dawn.

Get an idea of what is going on to these.

Activities on the Beach

If you are seeking activities while you are on the beach, you will be able to try surfing, banana, ski, jet-ski, para flight, or hire a pedalo and reach the island of Agii Theodori. 

Alternatively, try what the others are doing. You'll see a lot of people playing rackets, which is the most popular summer sport in Agia Marina. Watch this video to see what we are talking about.

However, if you can't bear to hear the racket hitting the ball, or if you have your children with you, choose a quieter spot on the beach with freer space for kids. 

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