Seitan Limania
The Beach 

Seitan Limania is a well-hidden corner of the northeast side of the Akrotiri peninsula, 20 km from the city of Chania, Crete.

There you will find a beach that differs from other beaches.

Nature created three inlets between the steep cliffs of the peninsula. In one of them is located the well-hidden beach.

Location is known as Seitan Limania. The word "Seitan" (Seytan) is Turkish (apparently left over from the period of Turkish rule in Crete), and is translated as Satan, devil. Furthermore, the word "Limania" is a Greek word meaning harbors. Therefore, "Seitan Limania" means "The Satanic Harbors".

Nice satanic harbor, don't you think? Admire sea color!

How to Get to the Beach of Seitan Limania

To get to Seitan Limania, you have to follow the road to the airport of Chania   1   and then towards the village of Chordaki   2  . Reaching the village you will turn right and after passing the branch leading to the summit of Mount Skloka   3   , will continue to the chapel of St. Raphael . 

Passing by the chapel of St. Raphael, the downhill road will lead you over the beach, where you will park.

Downhill to Seitan Limania Beach, Crete
Parking space above Seitan Limania Beach

Climb down the path and you are at the beautiful beach of Seitan Limania.

Seitan Limania Beach near Chania, Crete

› Seitan Limania Beach

› Seitan Limania Beach