Sougia, Crete 

Sougia is a small seaside village located on the southern coast of western Crete, in the prefecture of Chania, 60 km from the city of Chania.

The purpose of the regular visitors of this village has always been...

  • Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea.
  • Sunbathing under the hot sun of southern Crete.
  • Free camping on the beach with friendly companionship.
  • Hiking in beautiful trails.
  • Relaxing vacation.

Well, this is a place in the prefecture of Chania, that can offer you such a vacation.

What You will Find in Sougia

In general, this is a quiet place, but if you visit it on a weekend in the mid-summer, you will probably find enough people, since it is a favorite place among the residents of the prefecture of Chania for their excursions.

Many choose to come here for free camping on the beach, but that doesn't mean that the village lacks accommodation or other conveniences.

In Sougia you will find...

  • A couple of mini markets for the bare essentials of your holiday, located on the main road entering in the village.

View the two main streets of the village in this video.

  • Small hotels and rooms for rent, to anyone who looks for more comfortable stay than on the beach.

Sougia Beach

The beach is quite long (more than a kilometer), and it may seem empty to you, even on weekends, when there are many people.

If you seek comfort, the beach is organized with umbrellas and sun beds in front of the cafes and tavernas.

On the eastern side of the beach, the situation becomes more hippie and is the preferred spot, where, those who come here for free camping on the beach, choose to set up their tent.

For many people, the east end is the most beautiful place of the beach. Huge rocks inside the sea and on the beach, create a unique landscape, and also, a well hidden smaller beach, which is not visible to the main beach, is located behind the east end.

Furthermore, if you like cliff jumping, you will love this part of the beach.

Be aware that the eastern part of the beach is also preferred by nudists.

View more photos and video footage of the beach in Sougia.

Hiking - The Main Activity in Sougia

Hiking is the main activity that you can do during your holidays in Sougia.

Your options...

Explore the South Coast of Western Crete 

During your holidays in Sougia, you are able to take the ferry and explore the other villages on the south coast of western Crete.

To the west lies Paleochora, and to the east, the ferry goes to Agia Roumeli, to Loutro and to Chora Sfakion.

Take a look to the ferry schedules and timetables, in order to plan your tour to the south coast of Chania prefecture, Crete.

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