Sweetwater Beach

Sweetwater beach is one of the most popular beaches in the region of Sfakia, Crete.

It is located between Chora Sfakion and Loutro, a place where the mountains of Sfakia, the White Mountains, ending up completely perpendicular to the beach.

On the beach, there are some trees for shade, as well as a tavern built up on rocks that are into the sea.

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If you dig on the beach, you'll probably find fresh water coming from the White Mountains because of snow melt, which supplies the underground water routes.

This fact is the reason that the beach got the naming Sweetwater Beach or Glyka Nera Beach (in Greek: Glyka Nera means Sweet Water), and proof of it are the trees that could grow along the pebbly beach.

How to Get to the Sweetwater Beach

The Sweetwater beach is accessible by water taxi from Chora Sfakion or Loutro. 

Alternatively, you can come here walking the E4 trail connecting Chora Sfakion wiith Loutro (or vice versa). See...

› Sweetwater Beach

› Sweetwater Beach