Chania, Crete 

Vamos is a semi mountainous village in the prefecture of Chania, Crete, that retains the authentic physiognomy of the traditional Cretan village.

Among the houses within the village, some old mansions, mostly of the past century, have been restored or been renovated, retaining the elements of folk and neoclassical architecture.

All Vamos is adorned with jasmines and bougainvilleas, as well as other gorgeous flowers that pop out from the balconies and courtyards.

Stroll in the narrow streets and cobbled roads of the village to view its beauties.

View the route showing in the video above.

Finishing your ride, you have the option to sit in one of the taverns of the village, or in one of the traditional cafes   1  , watching the world passing, or enjoy moments of serenity and relaxation, overlooking the green region of Apokoronas and the White Mountains, from the terrace of the cafe Liakoto   2  

Picture: A traditional tavern situated in the main street of Vamos.

Pictures Above: Traditional cafes on the street and the terrace of cafe Liakoto.

Here in Vamos you have the chance to participate in organized seasonal activities such as, the picking of olives or the picking of grapes, Cretan and Greek traditional cooking lessons, guided walks in nature, visits to wineries and cheese production units.

If you are interested, contact the tourist office having the name "Vamos Traditional Village" that operates in Vamos, emphasizing on agrotourism and ecotourism.

Picture Above: A traditional grocery shop in Vamos   3  , selling local Cretan products, and the Art-Cafe Liakoto, in the background. 

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